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Only Strike Crafts really benefit of this behaviour, as they are the only vessels capable of tight manoeuvres. With evasive tactics your units will travel toward the opponent without keeping formation, each one using a maximum efficiency of its engines and firing only when sure that enemy fire won't hit. Ideal for high-speed strafing runs on enemy Capital Ships with anti-fighter guns, where tight formations usually result in a single ion cannon vaporizing a good number of crafts. Also, when crafts using Evasive tactic, reach red and yellow health status, they immediately return to the nearest support ships for repair.


The standard behaviour of new units; in Neutral mode crafts will attach only if attached first, and then will return to inactivity until someone fires against. It will be used in the single player (see the walkthru below), but I've never seen someone using it in multiplayer games.


Units will maintain formations, and when a target is within range, they will fire. The drawback of this tactic is that crafts only do strafing runs or maintain position to have an optimal aim over the targets, and won't dodge any enemy projectile, missile or energy beam. Useful for Capital vs. Capital and Fighter vs. Fighter dogfights.



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