Homeworld Cataclysm Indepth Information - Formations

vessels will form a 2D triangle. Though it is a very classic formation and very useful for parades, the top craft will be the most vulnerable to damage, effectively breaking the formation.

another 2D formation, but this time the vessels will form a straight line. Deadly for crafts, especially for big groups, as the combined firepower a formation should give is centered around a few elements. Quite effective for Capital Ships as you can use it for positioning them along the enemy's front and sides. I will describe this tactic later on.

one of the best formations for fighters: the X formation allows relatively small groups (maximum 15) to concentrate fire. Drawbacks? As the formations is compact, enemy turrets will enjoy in destroying your fighters.

the best formation for fighters, and if you have some Frigates, even for them. Recommended for a maximum number of 15 crafts. Like X formation, the Claw maximizes the effects of concentrated fire of an X formation while reducing the compactness of the formation.

ideal for large groups of ships and every Capital Ship formation, the wall creates a...wall (_...) of ships, maximizing firepower. If you have large fighter formations (10+) or at least 4-6 Frigates, the Wall will be THE choice.

though I use this formation mainly for defensive purposes, I know that someone uses it for single Capital Ships with large Fighter escorts. In a Sphere formation, the bigger ship will be the centre of the sphere, while the lighter ones will produce a defensive bubble around it. When used cleverly, this formation will break any assault.


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