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Dustwars, a Homeworld 2 Total Conversion Modification

Introduction by Progenitor

Greetings fellow Homeworlder, arrived you have at the site of a mod unlike any other. Here, we do not proliferate fireworks, nor fictional warfare in space. This is the mod that will allow you to experience the true meaning of war, loss, salvation, and glory.

This mod is built around a storyline unparalleled by any mod you will have ever seen. An epic story spanning 5 million years, from the coming of the Great Ancients, to the ultimate destruction of their creation - and ending with their return from exile. Revolving around this immense storyline is YOU and YOUR FLEET - tasked with the ultimate protection of your race.

You will experience the heart wrenching guilt and despair as you observe entire planets sterilised - bombarded by countless weapons of destruction. You will feel the pain and suffering that one with the power to extinguish sentience feels, and wield this gargantuan responsibility you shall, as you amass an armada unlike anything seen before. The exhilaration of victory shall spur you onwards as your fleet plunges into history, and time itself unravels around you as the story is told.

Coupled with the outstanding storyline and emotional impact, you shall be able to witness true to life intergalactic battles unfolding before you. As massive cruisers cartwheel through space - unleashing salvo after salvo of withering fire - you will be awestruck by the pure destruction unfolding around you and your fleet. Semi-newtonian physics and true-to-life weapons increase the immersiveness of this mod drastically, and attachments with your fleet will be augmented by a revised AI and behavioural code.

Therefore, feel the power that an admiral of a star fleet wields. Embrace the glory that victory presents, and stare into the face of despair when all hope seems lost. This mod will give you a rollercoaster ride of emotions, experience and eye-candy never before seen in any Homeworld2 mod to date.

Remember, this is not just a game, it is an experience unlike any you've ever had. As millions of ships are laid to waste around you, it is YOU who will decide how the game ends. It is you who will guide your civilisation through their greatest time of need. It is you who will decide whether religion, or science, is the true knowledge of enlightenment. And with it, you shall guide your race to their destiny, and discover an ancient secret so dark that sentience itself shies from.

Welcome to the Dustwars, for now the destiny of an entire universe hinges on your decisions.

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Dustwars Relic News Tanis Shipyards Thread

Dustwars MiniMod Download 0.2 Pre Beta now available here

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29-02-2016 17:53
A new version of my HW2 mod is in the works.Most likely the final version but I don't know when it will be released. Smile

24-02-2016 15:57

13-10-2015 01:38
I have returned!

22-09-2014 13:23

09-09-2014 00:10
I recently added a new build of my HW2 mod. Grin Located: http://www.homewo...ws

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