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Ultimate Homeworld 2 Mod (Intro and Download link)
Ultimate Homeworld 2 Mod

Ultimate Homeworld 2 Mod

[Ultimate HW2 Mod Relic forum page]
[Ultimate Homeworld 2 Moddb mod page]

This mod gives you the ability to build both races ships ie. If you play as the Hiigarans you can research and build Hiigaran ships but you can choose to research and build Vaygr ships and platforms,etc.. instead instead or a mixture of ships from both races.

If you play as the Vaygr then you can not only research and build Vaygr ships but build and research Hiigarn ships,platforms,etc.. instead or a mixture of ships from both races.

Just imagine when playing and you suddenly have forgotten which ships are yours!
Total confusion over which ships are yours and which are not.Your fleet will either be decimated completely or be victorious.


*Can get the mover subsystem built on the Hiigaran mothership but I can't link the Kpr_mover to the mover corvette production subsystem for it to be built once the subsystem is built as it stays unbuildable.

*Removed all custom maps.Rather pointless because I have updated them since I last uploaded the mod.
*Removed Makaan as the Vaygr mothership and use the standard Vaygr mothership as the default one.
*Hiigaran Dreadnaught can now be builthyperspaced in by the Hiigaran mothership.Added to the Vaygr to be built as well.
*New ultimate hw2 fleetbadge.
*Fixed save game bug
*Might add the motherships as buildable ships.
*Maps will be able to be downloaded separately.


*Fixed hgn_vgr_carrier animation with the resource docking arm.
*Removed armour and engine level 1 & 2 for the hgn_vgr_minelayer as hgn_minelayer does not have upgrades available for it.
*Fixed some maps.Made some new maps as well.

Download Mod ( version v3.65) at 3.18Mb
Homeworld 2 - Tanis Shipyards/Completed Mods > Mods in progress > Homeworld 2:The Ultimate HW2 Mod page to view update info,complain,etc....
Excellent Tutorial at the Relic forums:
Making the Keeper a playable race - a modding tutorial for newbies



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